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Bruce [userpic]

So I got in several hours of SAT math tutoring last night, which was, well, a lot of fun, honestly. Part of me is debating taking it up, though I realize that most of the time I'd be dealing with utterly clueless people, which is frustrating.

It also reminded me that some things are never completely over...

I may be doing some physics tutoring later, if Des ever gets back to me.

Towards midnight I made my way to the bar, which was, well, busy. Lizz is actually pulling this thing off, which is extremely cool. The only downside was that the cops came by about a noise complaint, which is the first time that's happened in an age. We're still trying to figure that one out. It was not particularly loud in there.

I left there a little after 1:45am (I wanted to make sure not to get dragged into a Paula conversation), and found myself at Denny's, where I munched and surfed until something like 3:30am - whenever my battery gave out.

Then home, a little more surfing, and sleep.

I've been up for a little bit now, and need to seriously consider the whole shower thing.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

It's amazing how much easier it is to tutor when the person isn't completely dumb. And when they're attractive, so much the better. ;-)

Re: Heh

Yes on the dumb. Not necessarily on the attractive. One has to keep refocusing one's attentions on the paper...

Re: Heh

True, but one's body believes one must be impressive so one remembers things that one might not otherwise. At least that's the way it happens with me.

Re: Heh

True enough.

I'm not sure, in my case, that it isn't dwarfed by my basic need to be pedantic...

Re: Heh

There is that...


if you arent busy sunday you should stop by and see/help me out. Sam and I are being evicted from our apartment.

Who made the complaint?

They said it was an anonymous one.

sorry that little "complaint" was me. I didnt realize I wasnt logged in. It's brittany. You came to my 19th bday? crackers and cheese and yum? Many apologies.

Many crossed wires...

I knew it was you, dear. LJ sometimes logs one off mysteriously, and one doesn't realize.

However, Kendall's "complaint" comment was about the noise complaint in the post, not about your comment, which while somewhat plaintive, wasn't really a complaint per se.

As far as helping goes, I may be able to do so sometime today, if I make it back from Salinas at any reasonable time (which depends on my ride), and if I can get in contact with you, since I don't have a number for either you or Sammi.

I doubt you would have been of help unless you found a small fleet of free maids that could have cleaned for us. Sam never showed up today to help clean the apartment for the walktrhough that is supposed to happen tomorrow morning at 9 am. I don't know what I'm going to do. She's avoiding me, Owes me about 200 dollars and I have no idea where she is.

Huh. What is going on with that girl?

Sorry I couldn't be of much help.

I don't know whats going on. She's being totally irrisponsible, and I know she always was, I just tried to make it seem better I guess. Now I know exactly what shes like. She left 3 boxes at the apt and a bunch of trash and just up and left.