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Sleepless in Alameda

I finally finished all the archives for It's Walky.  I also installed more Treo-sync related software on the upstairs computer.  I may have everything fully functional by Monday at this rate.

What I didn't do much of was sleep.  I think I nodded off around noon.  But then I had to get up around 3:30, because I needed to get timenchanter and Fawkes together in the same location.  So now Timmy has his baby back.  They did an impressively good job of fixing the bumper - I can't find any evidence.

Then back to my place so I could shower, while Timmy did some disc shopping.  Then off to Alameda.  In Fawkes.  In my condition, there's no way I was going to drive.

So we hung out, Frida cooked a fabulous dinner, and then around midnight we decided to head back.  I actually nodded off a little in the car, which is probably why I'm as awake as I am right now.

Timmy decided it would be unsafe to head home, and I have homeless tweakers camping out downstairs, so he's conked out in my closet right now.  And I'll hopefully be doing the same shortly.

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