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Sleeping Away...

Shortly after my last post, I started playing with the software for emachineshop, with the general idea of designing a plastic back panel for the new rack. I'd like to have attachments at the very back, to reduce a few strain and, actually, weight problems (I shouldn't have to always have the 50' output cables attached, but I can't reach where they attach inside the rack), but I'm leery of using metal, since the mic antennae are right there.

After some time familiarizing myself, I had a 5U blank panel put together, and then made the mistake of pricing it. Over $200 for a one-off. Not surprising, honestly, but still more than I want to put into it.

So I finally gave up and went to sleep. That was something like 5:00am.

At 10:00am I was up and at it again - but looking at standard solutions. But around 1:30pm I'd dug up an open-work modular design that I could leave mostly unpopulated, and will hopefully not interfere with the reception too much. That was more like $50.

Then I ran out of steam and fell back into bed. Which would have been fine, except it meant that in the end I got to chargerboy's BBQ after 6:00pm.

So I tried to push an afternoon's worth of party into an hour. With some success.

I left there a little after 7:00pm, and got to the bar at just about 7:30pm.

I was set up and ready to go by 8:15pm. We had enough to people to start by 9:15pm...

In fact, the rotation now (#3) is only about 8 people. Though more are showing up as I type...

Back to work.

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