Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I had many things that desperately needed to get done yesterday.

Not that that's unusual. I normally have many things that desperately need to get done. In fact, they're almost always the same ones. Today is no particular change.

That said, what I did do is contact my parents about borrowing the truck, performed the usual exchange (made mildly more complicated by the presence of contractors, their trucks, and their extension cords), then booked it on down to Ben Lomond to pick up princesskitti22 and move a BBQ from her old place for her.

That was at around 5:00pm - early in the day. I then forced the poor thing to ride back up with me to the dome, witness the fact that it is, indeed, a dome, and that I do, indeed, have parents, then we got in my car and drove down to Santa Cruz for a very pleasant dinner at the Crêpe Place.

We've been meaning to do that for something like 6 months.

After dropping her off at her place, and talking for a bit, I said goodnight and headed back over the hills to KoC - about an hour's drive, as it turns out. I wanted to see how the Infirmary was doing, and quite honestly, very nicely. The DJ was simply excellent, and while the place wasn't packed, it did have a number of people - much better than what I'm used to for a Wednesday. Granted, a reasonable fraction were unwinding after a Rush concert at Shoreline, and so won't be back, but it was still nice to see people there.

I had a few conversations with Eddie, Dane, and sjgrrrl, then headed home at around 1:00am.

I decided it would be a good idea to get at least something done, so I edited the track for cekyr0 and jeffercine's vows, and sent that off to Garth. I also finally dug up how long it had been between traffic tickets by searching LJ for the date of the previous one. I'm apparently supposed to attest that it's long enough between tickets to take traffic school - and my last two were 20 months apart.

So I'll be heading on up to beautiful Redwood City tomorrow to pay them a few pounds of flesh, and start the process. Good thing I need to lose weight...

Right now I need to clean up and get myself down to City Hall by 4:30pm. Timmie and I will be having dinner before his union meeting.

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