Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Sunday! Sunday. Sunday...

After my last post I, well, slept. Until I had to get up to make it to the bar.

I got there at 7:00pm sharp, since I had a lot of unloading to do.

Which meant, of course, that Paula and Lily showed up at around 7:20pm.

What with the amount I had to do, my general energy level, and the new round of Lizz gossip (always entertaining), I didn't start the show until about 8:40pm. As usual, I forgive myself.

I just don't know if synkitty will.

The night started out pretty slowly. I believe the first round ended up being around 8 people. But it grew from there.

Interesting evening. We had a short visit from the Empress, who was exhausted from a day trip to Sacramento, and so faded pretty quickly - but not before I was able to get a couple of good hugs and a quick kiss in. I can't be too upset with how little I got to see her this weekend - I'll be getting several days of Debbie time in just a few weeks.

Otherwise, between timenchanter and kizmet100, the general theme of the evening was "getting dumped." Many bitter, angsty love songs.

Quite an experience.

I mean, quite honestly, you've never really heard a good version of You Oughta Know until you've heard Timmie do it when he needs catharsis.

I also managed to get a laugh when I sang Love Stinks.

Otherwise, we had at least one new couple (Brigette and Brian), as well as the return of Matt and Jessica, whom I've mentioned before here. Still both adorable, still both a lot of fun. We also had a visit from lucydogstringer, which was nice (they've been all too rare of late), as well as the return to existence of tlsthatsme, albeit with a different LJ name.

The rotation peaked at about 17 people, and in the end, I managed about 6 and a half rotations before closing at 1:58am. Synthia, a somewhat tipsy supersniffles, Tobi and I were to go out to Denny's afterward, so of course Lily took the longest she ever has to do the accounts. Apparently things just wouldn't add up.

And the final results for the night were a lot lower than either of us expected. But that's the way it goes.

Then a very pleasant supper with the ladies, a dropping off of Synthia, and home, and sleep.

Today I woke up to a Timmie asking about lunch, so we did that, then I did a little shopping. OK, well, a lot of shopping. Just not much buying.

Then home, where I've been "working" on this post. Timmie just got home, and there is some noise about dinner with electrichobbit prior to this evening's festivities.

So not much sleep today, but definitely worth it.

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