Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I'm tired. Not too surprising after last night's glorious laundry adventures, but whatever. I am.

The coverlet for which I consumed enough McDonald's grease to gag a goat is, if anything, dirtier now than it was when I started. I need to take it to the laundromat. Which sucks, because I'll have to unmake the bed again. Well, OK, that's no big deal - but making it again afterward is a pain.

I've managed to not do anything about my speeding ticket yet again - another in a series. My last day to deal with it is Friday, though I might be able to get another extension.

I just finished reading the archives for Planet Karen, which hasn't left me in the best of spirits, either. It's a great piece of work - and presented with a wonderful sense of humor, and some quite impressive art.

But seeing someone else struggle with depression was perhaps not what I needed to look at right now.

Sigh. Now where did I put that eyeliner and black fingernail polish...

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