Bruce (kor27) wrote,

LIttle Obsessions

I got home last night, and for some reason, decided, well, to do laundry. It didn't start as that bad of an idea - I seriously needed some clean jeans.

But it sorta snowballed. The first two loads were pretty reasonable - jeans, sheets, towels, underwear - you know, stuff. But then I seemed to decide that I wanted to wash everything. I got into a bathrobe (not my usual one - that one was still drying), and threw the clothes I was wearing into the wash.

Then I decided to wash my coverlet/quilt as well. Two problems, there. One, it's too damn big for the washer and dryer at the Duplex. Two, I ran out of quarters before it fully dried.

Not a good thing, since I don't really have a good spot to, y'know, hang it. It's friggin' huge.

Now, I'm sure there're many ways to come up with quarters at 5:30am. Several, I'm sure, are better than the one I picked.

I drove to three different McDonald's drive-thrus, and ordered a breakfast close to a dollar boundary at each one. Then, 'cause I'm a tard, I ate each one of them. Someone recently told me I ate too much McDonalds. I now fully agree.

But that gave me enough money to run the drier for a reasonable length of time.

In the meantime, I worked up a trial logo for the Infirmary - we shall see what Lizz thinks of it. And I've read the archives of several new webcomics. And I'm just about ready to collapse, once I have a bed made to collapse into. And if the junk food in my stomach lets me...

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