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Oddness and Fail

Yesterday I eventually crawled out of my cocoon, refueled at Panera, then made my way to the bar for another evening of karaoke.

A very odd night. A very odd, fairly unattended night. I mean, we had people. If it had been a Sunday, I would have been ecstatic. But it, um, wasn't.

Most of my amusement early in the evening was from loaning Lizz my laptop, so she could see what I'd written about her. I didn't get it back until the battery died - it's always fun watching another net addict in action...

On the positive side, we had, for example, several hours of trivialt, some kozmic_tar, a fair amount of sjgrrrl, and an almost full night's worth of Eddie and Shawn. We also had a few people, like 777echelon, Chetchez, and Jun, that haven't been in for quite a while.

I closed at around 1:45am, at the end of the 8th round. supersniffles helped me close down (as usual), I dealt with a slightly mopey Paula (I really should get around to answering her plaintive questions about "how to get more people" with "lower your drink prices and fix the damn bathrooms"), unwound a bit and stuffed my face at Denny's, then oblivion.

Then today. Today has been pretty much made of fail. I dragged myself through getting up as rapidly as I could manage (which honestly, isn't very) in order to go to Redwood City and see what I have to do about my traffic ticket. I didn't make it until 4:03pm. The court closes at 4:00pm.

It was rush hour, so I decided to avoid the freeway, and take El Camino down. Fry's was on the way, so I hung out there for a bit. I bought 4 rechargeable AAAs for the remote keyboard I use with the karaoke setup (It died last night at one point, and added some dead air while I fiddled with it). I somehow didn't remember until something like an hour later that I actually need, like, ya know, eight of them.

I thought it would be a good idea to work on getting the sub hung at the bar - I promised Lynx I'd be doing it shortly, for one thing. I was heading for an OSH, when I remembered that my tools were at the Duplex - they've been out for the whole bookcase thing.

So I went home to grab them, randomly shopped for a bit (What? I was near a computer!), fell asleep, and woke up too late for any of the hardware stores.

So I just headed to the bar. Where the main amp has blown twice, now. Mostly because of too much bass. Dammit.

So at this point, I'm kind of writing off the day, in the hopes of regrouping for tomorrow. I kind of need to - if I screw up tomorrow, I screw up Sunday. And that is just not allowable at this point.

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