Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Another Boring Post

Following my usual, unmotivated ways, I didn't make it to my parents' place until 6:30pm last night. This meant I didn't get to help them paint with their new sprayer.

Funny how things work out for the best, innit?

I still made myself useful - I did a few minor chores, and also removed a large number of screws from the front deck. The sealing underneath has failed, and their carpenter needs to look at it - and the more screws already taken out, the fewer hours he'll charge for the process.

The funny thing was them trying to stop me from going back to working on it after dinner. I'm beginning to think that my basic laziness may simply be the result of too much coddling.

I left the mountain around 11:00pm, and decided to swing by Effie's to say hi to Melanie and Kathy. They were having "aloha karaoke," so at least I can say that I've recently been lei'd by a pretty girl...

That shut down around midnight. I hung around for a while talking, then got home at something like 1:00am. Where I quite resolutely failed to sleep in a reasonable fashion. I did discover a way of setting up my chair for more comfortable sleep. It involves leaning the chair against my desk in a particular fashion, and will likely result in serious injury at some point.

Around 6:00am I arose, galvanized by the sudden availability of good street parking, and got myself some McDonald's hardened artery special before taking advantage of said parking.

Then to bed for a few hours, to get up in time to do a lunch and kvetch session with poor timenchanter. Can you say unnecessary and unfounded drama? But I suppose that it's at least not boring...

I've done some shopping for Dinner&, where I've completely failed to find anything appropriately bacony. But at least I've found some interesting stuff. Hope it'll be good.

And that's about it. I'm doing laundry, am about to put the finishing touches on the sign-up slip so I can show it at tonight's meeting, and will hopefully nap at some point, since napping before the party beats napping during.

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