Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night's show was, well, fairly glacial in pace. And bar income. In the end, the Sunday/Monday total was kinda low.

Such is life, eh?

I had a good time, anyway, and so, it appeared, did several others - snafflekid stayed later than he expected, and was quite pleased with at least most of his song selections. Lizz, though she was a bit of a, as she put it, "prissy bitch," was easier to select for than she has been.

There were just a few things that stood out. We had a visit from a lady named "Shawn" and her husband/boyfriend/impresario/whatever. Both seemed quite nice. She had a wonderful voice, and though heavily on the insecure side, allowed me to select a few songs for her. I'm hoping they'll be back.

Then, as mentioned elsewhere, the triumphant return of Trankenstein. Now, for some reason various people decided this was someone different, and labeled it "Bride of Trankenstein," but I can assure you it was the one and original, from far too much experience, and the fact that it uses the same name, and has the same musical tastes.

Now, Tranky got quite blotto, as is its habit, and would have been quite an income asset to the bar - if it had bought more than a beer. Apparently it was sneaking off to its truck for cheaper supplies. But at least it bought a beer.

Then there was the corn-fed boy. We had some tall, midwestern guy that showed up from one of the hotels around the corner. From the moment he showed up, it was rather difficult to get Lizz's attention for anything.

I swear that girl never progressed beyond 14. It's like she's the female version of me, or something.

Lizz kept asking him if she could sing anything for him. Unfortunately for her, she didn't know any of what he liked. So I ended up doing "Sundown" and "Amarillo by Morning.". At the end of the night, he thanked me for "appreciating real music."

Yeah, a bit of a prick, that one. I'm curious if Lizz will have anything more to say on the subject later - I'm pretty sure they took off together.

I ended the show after 12 rounds, at about 1:40am. Even with a little bit of talking, I was out the door and on the road by 2:10am.

I wasn't feeling like going home, so I went to Mini Gourmet for some supper, then dropped by the HoD to gather mail - oddly, they haven't appeared to have done anything to the place in the last three weeks. But then, I don't go inside. I'm curious if something has come up with the whole ex-wife lien issue. There wasn't that much that needed fixing, and I'd think they'd want to flip the place as rapidly as possible.

I still wasn't feeling like home, and so kind of randomly drove around for about an hour before heading to the Duplex. It kind of worked out, too. On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, one half of 11th is closed to traffic for street-sweeping. This makes parking difficult for whoever hasn't grabbed the Duplex's one parking space - which would be me on worknights, for the obvious reason. However, getting home at 4:30am meant that I was able to grab a just-vacated space from an early riser.

And that's about it - I've been up for just a little bit, and am already late getting to my parents. Time to hit the showers. Umm, shower.

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