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There had to be a morning after...

I occasionally wonder how I find myself in these situations, though it's normally pretty clear...

Mena had an 8:00am WIC appointment, and I was tapped to give her and Mellie a ride today - largely because her ride yesterday was so late, she had her appointment rescheduled.

I'm continually amazed by how much work people have to go through to get support in this country.  I understand not wanting to give people a free handout, but we make our various and extremely complex forms of aid so difficult to deal with that getting aid becomes a full-time job - and as a single mother, there is no time left over to, oh, say go to school and get a real job.

So I spent another night at the bar last night.  unbreak_able sprung for Pasta Pomodoro takeout, so I had to go, right?  It was a slow night for a Tuesday, with the highlight being nikari bringing his friend Andrea around for her 21st birthday.  As far as I could tell, she was somewhat sloshed when she arrived, and we all did our bit to increase that.

Apart from a major ad campaign, I'm not sure what can be done about Tuesdays.  dancin_whitey's a damn fine DJ, and if people actually showed up to dance, they'd have a lot of fun.  It doesn't help that it's the big Splash karaoke night...

As it is, we were looking more like a cyber-cafe.  Debbie had her laptop open in the booth next to mine, and a certain number of people gravitated from one booth to the next.  At one point Sarah and Paul showed up, and he needs a new bike, so I shopped around on craigslist a bit.  We really need to get power to those booths.

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