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Sleep Dep Revisited

I managed to get some sleep yesterday.  I certainly had the time for it.  Unfortunately, I've been reading a pretty good webcomic with daily archives extending back to 1997...

Got up, got clean, picked timenchanter up from work only 8 minutes late or so, did my bit for negotiations between him and the guy that rode off with his bumper, and then we went off to get some food and set up for the show.

'Twas a typically slow Monday show.  We actually were busyish for a couple of hours, which isn't too bad for a Monday.  Of all things, I think I managed to please nikari with every song I threw at him.  Others were not necessarily as lucky.  I'm still getting flack from Timmy for "Don't Worry, Be Happy".  Can't imagine why.

unbreak_able decided to do my songs again, which was much fun.  The worst problem was "Do Me", because, well, I really don't know that song.

A new singer came in and stayed for the night - Vanessa.  She'll hopefully be back.  And supersniffles came in early and stayed all night.

I still ended up closing early.  In fact, 12:55, same as Sunday.  Timmy, Cindi and I then went off to Denny's for some sobering up, then I headed back to Timmy's couch.

Dropped him off at the warehouse this morning, hung out a bit, and now I'm home, and about to go collapse into bed.

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