Bruce (kor27) wrote,


So that bookshelf is full. There're a few small open spots here and there, but that's OK. Less OK is the fact that it's filled semi-randomly - and the "semi" part is due to the distribution of shelf heights. Ikea, in its eternal wisdom, decided that it would be better to save on drilling costs by not doing a continuous set of holes the length of the side pieces, with a very interesting resulting pattern from the two extra shelves I put in.

So I have a height-sorted mish-mash of old textbooks, recent reference books, F&SF, and folk tales. The French pulp sci-fi has seen the light of day for the first time in decades. The final sorting process is going to be... interesting.

The process noticeably reduced the height of the boxes next to the bed. Almost enough to see the next row of boxes in the closet. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I can clear enough room for the second bookshelf. It's even possible that after that I might be able to move stuff around enough to fit the third bookshelf. But I shouldn't be hasty.

Meanwhile, somehow I'm being serenaded by a live performance from some kind of kid's band from next door. I didn't even know there was that much room next door. The band leader keeps making amplified announcements - in Spanish, of course - interspersed with what I believe is supposed to be music.

I can't fault them for lack of enthusiasm.

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