Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Baby Steps and Little Dogs

I finally got myself dressed and out of the house around 8:00pm Friday night, thought about heading to CPK for dinner, and somehow ended up at Cheesecake Factory instead. The idea at the time was something half-formed about keeping the clam chowder tradition alive.

So of course they'd just run out. Good thing their chicken tortilla soup is both yummy, and goes well with their Navajo sandwich.

And that was the highlight - and only meal - of Friday. After a couple of hours there, I went home and back to bed.

I woke up Saturday at 10:00am or so, in plenty of time to make it to raininroses and amor_ereptor's BBQ at a reasonable hour, but I was irritated at my lack of general progress, and so assembled, installed, and attached one of the bookshelves.

There were only a couple of gotchas in the process. First, this one goes in a designated slot next to my bed. The bed was specifically positioned to allow for the bookshelf plus about half an inch of clearance.

Which turns out to be true at waist height. Not so much at the floor. I should have remembered the quality of traditional American wood-frame construction. I had to shove the headboard assembly over to make it fit, so that's now just slightly off-center with the bed, which is to grrrrr. When I get the boxes cleared off of the relevant wall, I may try to move the bed (I only have the strength to shift it with my legs, and only when my back is braced against a wall). Of course, I'll have to decide it it's worth the risk of possibly popping off the footboard...

Then there was the whole issue of attaching the bracket. With the height extension, the bookcase is just 2¼" short of the ceiling, which doesn't leave much room for, y'know, putting the screw into the wall. I have a skinned knuckle to prove it. But it's attached. The screw isn't all the way in, but far enough that the thing won't come down in an earthquake.

I had to move quite a few boxes to get it in place, of which three were full of books. I left the book ones on the bed, showered, and headed off to Salinas.

The bookshelf took a lot longer than I expected, so I didn't make it down until around 5:00pm. Of the people there, the only ones I knew were Jeff, Marjorie, wissavix and dethtonge. Which, granted, was a fair fraction of the party.

I was introduced around, and in typical Bruce fashion, forgot every single name within 5 minutes. What makes it worse is that one of the group has been to the Hamptons multiple times, and I still don't remember her name.

Ah well. I'll likely learn them eventually, especially since they're all very cool people. It just takes me time, or a pre-printed slip with the name on it. It was interesting to learn that they all are somewhere on LJ - and also how much of a Ren fair connection there seems to be. That took me back.

Then, of course, there was the Te experience. I knew he was a large dog. That I was prepared for. I wasn't quite ready for an animal that could be saddled and ridden. Well, apart from the fact that your steed would either be curling up or chasing something interesting every other minute.

One huge, gorgeous animal with the spirit of a friendly puppy.

A nice, low-key night. Hanging out, talking, Krista scowling at cute pictures of herself on the TV, toasting s'mores (well, they did that. I enjoyed the fire. S'mores lose some attraction when you don't like the key ingredient), and soaking in the hot tub.

I tore myself away around 2:00am, and headed back up the 55 miles to home. This meant I parked about 5 minutes before timenchanter pulled in from his Utah adventure, so I got to actually see and hug Timmie before he collapsed.

I sat in my chair for a while, and stared at the boxes of books on the bed until I conked out for an hour or so, but they didn't shelve themselves. I eventually moved them over enough so I could sleep on one side of the bed.

And now I'm back up, and the damn things still haven't shelved themselves.

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