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Bruce [userpic]

I have absolutely nothing social planned for today. No shows, birthday parties, beach parties, BBQs, dances, camping trips, or even communal shopping trips.

It's kinda nice, for a change.

I got myself up and clean early enough to grab a McDonald's breakfast (Mmmm! Yummy bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit! Pure arteriosclerotic goodness!), came home, and promptly conked out in my chair (Duh).

But I'm pretty much awake now, and just finished paying off every bill I could find. That doesn't mean there aren't more, but hey, at least they're hard to find...

Well, OK, I haven't paid them all off, per se. I'm still pissed at my (former) dentist, so I'll be paying her $231 overcharge in $40 monthly increments. With any luck, that means she'll be going through the trouble and expense of sending me monthly, updated bills. And yes, I'm being petty. I fully realize, and am reveling in it. I may even gradually reduce the amount I'm paying her, just to see how long I can draw it out...

And that's about it so far. I'm about to go see if Costco is open, since I need some more pillows - and gas. Then I might drop by Valley Fair for pillowcases.

If that all doesn't take long enough, I may just see if the laundromat is open, and wash stuff!

This evening, I'm gonna either drop by the bar, or, possibly, if I'm feeling really daring, stay in and assemble a bookshelf.

Happy tell-the-taxing-bastards-to-go-fuck-themselves day, everyone!

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could always come to the alameda we don't know what musicals are county fair with stan and I =p

Hmmm. When are you going?

Of course, not only do they not know what musicals are, but they also aren't doing fireworks on the 4th, the twits.

Stan's heading over here as soon as he gets finished taking his shower, then we're going to go sit down and eat some mexican food next to the fairgrounds... so probably be there in about 2 hours or so


But nah. I'm not really all that fit for human consumption today.

Parts of me are busy being bitter and angry at the world - mostly, of course, for the results of stuff I've chosen to do. The usual, but it's closer to the surface right now.

So I think I'll go back to being a hermit, instead.

Have fun!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oh well - didn't think of him. I ended up doing OK, I think...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Oops!

I just bought two at $39 each. But then, I like firm pillows. OK, slightly softer than a block of maple pillows...