Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Old Home

Monday's show ended rather much as it began - with 4 singers. I closed down at 1:45am, after the 14th round.

Again, not a busy night, but a nice group. Financially, the bar did quite reasonably - almost identically to Sunday, as a matter of fact.

I grabbed some food at Carrow's, then came home and passed out.

I had quite a list of things I was going to do Tuesday, which was rather cut short by the fact that I slept all damn day. Probably needed it, but still...

I went to my parents' for a late-ish dinner, then around 11:00pm I made my way to Effie's for my friend Melanie's birthday party. I actually caught her just before she left, then hung out with Kathy, and eventually Selena, a total blast from the past.

They all say they're going to show up this Thursday - that should be interesting.

They kept on bringing up names I almost, sorta remembered. There were also a couple of people I no longer recognize that said hi - it was a little embarrassing. Though the one slightly familiar girl saying "You probably don't remember me, but you convinced me to start singing at Creekside" was a really cool experience.

And then I went home, and here I am. Tired, and about to go back to bed a few hours after getting up. Oy.

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