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Last night's show was... well, certainly those who showed up got to sing all they wanted. It was, as usual, a great group of people, just not a huge number of them.

Well, technically I had 20 singers, just not all at one time. Whatever. I closed at 2:04am, at the end of the 10th round, to allow Roberta to sing a last song.

The bar did quite well for a Monday. Of course, tonight is Monday...

But hey, we had a rare timenchanter appearance, a bit of snafflekid, and some celticnoor and markobellydance. There was fun to be had.

After, I took synkitty home, had a tuna melt at Mini Gourmet, then went home to discover (surprise!) that the tuna melt wasn't too sure about this whole "digestion" thing.

So I finally got around to reading Ender's Game. Odd work. It starts out as an interesting psychological story, with a bunch of odd, psychic stuff kind of slapped on to the end. Definitely a bit disjointed.

Ah well. 'Twas fun. I'm reading Speaker for the Dead now.

Well, not now. Right now I'm a little under halfway through the Monday show. We've made it all the way up to 7 singers - I somehow doubt it's going to make for yesterday in sales. Such is life. On the positive side, no-one's refused a song yet, which is rather amazing, especially given some of the songs I've thrown at people.

jorgitoelcubano has been getting into it - he's about to do his 6th song tonight.

And I spoke too soon - sjgrrrl just refused a song.

Back to work.

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