Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Snark and Consequences

I managed to be a little less antisocial last night, as it wore on. Unfortunately, I was sublimating a lot of it through snark, which, while it hasn't bitten me back on the ass (yet), may have helped precipitate other problems.

I know I shouldn't do it - there's immediate entertainment, but the long-term consequences are, at best, neutral - but some people make it so. damned. easy.

Ah well. What's done is done.

My apologies - this is almost as obscure as a trivialt post. But I really should not be naming names. Except to say that Stanley was there last night - as was hogarthhughes, and even qzar_mystik - but that all of them left before any of this happened, and so were not involved in the least.

And that's largely it. I got home a little after midnight, slept, woke up for a little bit this morning, slept, woke up this afternoon, spewed semi-coherent philosophy like stuff at LJ, vegged, showered, and am now at Panera trying to build my blood sugar back to a normal level in prep for the evening.

I can always hope for some level of productivity after I get home, but holding one's breath is not recommended.

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