Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Not a lot to say. The mattress is set up, which is nice. I spent the first night in a bed under actual clean sheets in longer than I want to think about - when was that trip to New Zealand?

So far, the mattress looks to have been a reasonable choice. It provides support without cutting off circulation, which is really all I can reasonably hope for. I don't know how long it'll last - and sliding the equipment over the top of it is going to be... interesting - but it's cheap enough that I could seriously consider buying a new one every year, and still be ahead of a Sealy.

I suppose I can blame my almost complete lack of activity today on luxuriating in the bed.

I did glance at the traffic ticket I've been meaning to do something about, and noticed that it had a court date and location scribbled on it. This morning, as a matter of fact. I called them up in a bit of a panic, and they extended the date until July 27th. The present plan is to go deal with things on Monday.

I really do need to get up...

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