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I did my usual "wake up in the morning" thing again today, but after a certain amount of pushing, was able to get myself to go back to bed and sleep until 3:00pm or so.

So I've had close to a decent amount of sleep - again!

I finally got myself up, out of the house, and headed towards IKEA by about 4:30pm. This made it a little too late for misswong77, but segajenison did turn out to be free (She wasn't sure if she was going to be or not), so I picked her up at supersniffles's place, and we went to the land of cheap Danish knock-down.

After some consultation and separate testing, we both decided that I should probably get one of the cheapest foam mattresses they have. In what seems to completely fit the theme of my life, I'm going to be sleeping on a queen Sultan Fagerås. Make of it what you will.

I also now have a purple set of bedsheets, a purple comforter, and a red pillowcase. I only have the one pillow right now - I'm planning to get two more, and a set of black pillowcases to go with those, and then I'll be set.

And, of course, bookshelves. I can only afford three until next week, but at least I got the three. Besides, it turns out that's about all that will fit in the truck at one time. Now I just have to manage to assemble them (in our expansive free space), move enough boxes aside to put them up, then start sifting through the boxes for ones with books. With any luck, that will free up enough space to, well, fit the next wave of bookshelves. Woo!

After unloading the shtuff, Jenison and I had a quick dinner, I dropped her back off at home, then, since it was still light, I headed back up the mountain and re-exchanged vehicles. I have my little Escort back, which is cool. I like having vehicles with power steering, a radio, and a working cabin fan...

Right now, I'm trying to clear off the accumulated junk I've been piling on the bed frame so I can actually set up the mattress. Time will tell.

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