Bruce (kor27) wrote,


While I didn't get everything I wanted done yesterday (Supercuts closes at 5:00pm on Sundays, the bastards), I did have the time to shop for some necessaries at Costco, and I definitely made it to the bar at a reasonable time.

In fact, I made it there at about 6:30pm, and settled in for a nap. Around 6:45pm, Lizz showed up, and proceeded to futz around in her car. Around 6:50pm, kshandra pulled up - she actually got out of her car, so I did the same.

And at 6:59pm, Lily and Paula drove up and opened the door.

So of course I was late starting the show. Lizz had interesting drama to talk about, and there was a certain amount of schmoozing to be done with Kirsten.

But hey, 8:15pm isn't too bad.

It was a very pleasant, laid-back night - at least for me. Lizz and I were both trying new songs, several of which worked. While trivialt wasn't there, princesskiti22 was, and hogarthhughes came out for a bit.

Keri was looking even hawter than usual, with a new hairstyle and a short dress. It was to drool.

jeffercine and cekyr0 were there. Jefferson took off at a reasonable hour, but Alex left at closing - the first time that's happened in an age. Being off work for the summer will do that to a person...

What with Ryan off in the southland, we were also treated to several wonderful hours of spondee before she got tired and headed home.

It was definitely one of those remember-why-you-do-this kind of nights. On top of that, the bar did reasonably well.

I finished off at the stroke of 2:00am, about halfway through the 7th rotation. I was going to quit at the end of the 6th, but this allowed me to get another song up for John, dwo, and Alex.

Then some decompression at Denny's, home, and sleep.

Never enough, but sleep. I keep waking up with agendas lately when I should just roll back over and snore. Ah well.

Of the set of things to be done, I've managed depositing a check, and getting the beard trimmed. Could be worse. The check - even though it won't clear for a week and a day - means I can actually afford to buy furniture. The present plan is to visit my parents tomorrow, exchange my car for their truck, clear out Ikea on Wednesday, then return the truck that or Thursday during the day. Exciting stuff, I know.

Hmmm. I was thinking of buying dessert with dinner, but just realized there's a Coldstone in this complex...

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