Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I didn't do too much last night. Come to think of it, not too much today, either.

Two more books are done, bringing the total to 5, including the master. I'll likely leave it at that for now, since I'm probably going to be buying more songs in a week or so. I now have enough recent requests to keep me going for quite some time.

In that vein, I won an eBay auction for 3 new toner cartridges at a price lower than that of two Cartridge World refilled cartridges. That should keep me able to print for a while.

I also upgraded iSilo (after several years), and used it to install one of my favorite books ("The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath") on my phone. I have several other books in the queue. While on the one hand it's sort of silly going the eReader route, it means I have several books immediately available at times when I might actually need them.

While I never made it to Shawn's party for lucydogstringer this afternoon (It's hard to make it when you don't know where it is, and the relevant person isn't answering their phone), I have managed to get my main laundry done. I have pants! And underwear!

I also discovered that, contrary to what has been suggested, dividing the laundry among multiple dryers doesn't make a huge amount of difference unless you have an enormous amount of laundry. The last time I used one dryer, pulled the shirts and underwear out after 46 minutes, and had the jeans done after 58. This time I used four dryers, which allowed me to, well, pull the shirts and underwear out after 46 minutes, and the jeans after 58. Except this time I was paying 4 times as much. Live and learn.

I'm starting to feel better about life in general, if only because I just finished my first meal of the day. Blood sugar does so improve my mood.

With any luck, I'll be able to get a bit more done before the show tonight. But if not, well, that's life.

And now, onward! Wood shavings!!!!

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