Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Up, Down, and Around

It's been a fairly busy two days.

Thursday afternoon was spent entering 28 new tracks into the song database, which is more involved than one might think: One has to check them against already entered songs, verify spelling in case of conflicts (which frequently means finding the band's home page), checking each track for language and duet status, and all that good stuff.

I printed up some update sheets on the newly relocated printer, then decided I needed to print a couple of new books. There was certainly some reason for that, since I last printed books on January 17th - and the update sheets only cover the period from March 19th to the present.

The problem was that I didn't have time to print out two books. But when has reality stopped me?

In the end, I arrived at the bar a little after 8:00pm, late, and definitely harried - but with two new books.

And then proceeded to not get started until 8:50pm or so. Le sigh.

It was an... odd night. The place just seemed to have a very strange vibe, possibly in part because I was coming down with a migraine. I'll blame that for a few bad decisions that, while they increased the amount in my tip jar, lowered the general level of harmony.

On the other hand, dwo made a return, which is always a good thing. Later on, James showed up for the first time since the Black&Blue ball, and sang a couple of songs.

And in the middle we had trivialt - as well as, of course, quite a few other people. The place was actually approaching crowded for an hour or so around 10:00pm. And then dropped off quite rapidly. Still, I only did about 5 rotations before closing, so it was a reasonably busy night.

I drove synkitty home (which was more involved than usual - we had to find a Washington Mutual, so she could pay me back for a loan), then just went home and collapsed in a heap.

Friday was mostly the "get segajenison out of the house" operation, though I did manage to get a couple more books printed and bound. In fact, I have another just waiting to be bound, so at the minimum I'll have 4 up to date books (plus the master) in circulation tomorrow. And possibly one more.

The afternoon with Jenison was a lot of fun - we kind of suddenly decided to head to the City, and so drove up on a whim. A slow-moving whim (It was rush hour), but a whim.

She just wanted to "see the city," which is fine with me - it's beautiful almost no matter where you look - so I first off just, well, drove around. Then it occurred to me that she might enjoy the Metreon, so I (eventually) found my way there and parked.

We wandered through that for an hour or so, then started randomly walking around the area, eventually meandering our way down Market. We finally stopped somewhere near Market and Castro, enjoyed the general atmosphere, wandered through a shop (just one, which is odd...), and turned around.

A good time. We were drawn along part of the way by a really cool lesbian. Hard to describe. I liked the cut of her clothes and her hairstyle (bleached, and a quarter-inch long, except for one long lock in the back), Jenison really liked her Zelda sweatshirt, and we both agreed that we liked her ass.

On the way back, we stopped at Thai Corner for some dinner, in part because she'd never had Thai food before. It was... adequate. I'm a little spoiled.

Then we marched the rest of the way back to the car, and I took her home - then hung around for the half-hour or so until supersniffles got home, so I could get a little Cindi time.

Then I wended Duplex-ward and did that unconsciousness thing again.

Today I got up incredibly early (9:00am!!!) in order to go with timenchanter, cekyr0 and jeffercine to the wedding site at Sanborn park, survey it a bit, and talk to a ranger. Most of the time involved waiting for said ranger, but he eventually showed up and was quite helpful when he did.

By that time we were all starving, so we hit Willow Street for some late lunch, ate ourselves silly, then rolled our way back to our respective homes.

I was supposed to go to my parents' place today, but I just felt too tired when I made it home, so I begged off, then started this post.

What I should do now is sleep. I'm certainly tired enough.

I just doubt I'm going to be that reasonable...

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