Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fun and Progress

Yesterday I got up at a "reasonable" hour so I could pick up timenchanter at the airport around 12:30pm. That all went with no particular incident.

I drove the grumpy one home (he hadn't had a change of clothes for two days, after all, what with all the plane drama). He cleaned up, calmed down a little (though I think at this point that if the only available carrier to a location is SouthWest, he'll take Greyhound), and we went and had a relaxed lunch at CPK - despite Father's Day.

He napped for a bit, while I finally tackled putting in the TV mount above my desk, leaning over precariously and dropping things periodically on my keyboard (it seems to have survived).

This was one of those not-very-well-planned projects that somehow finally worked out great. I had measured several parts of the setup, but not in any great detail, and needed to put it high enough to clear the top of the desk while still leaving enough room for the thing to miss the ceiling.

I didn't really know if the TV would fit until I shoved it onto the platform. Miraculously, it did.

I took this while standing on my bed, to give a slightly better idea. Not only can you see the early advance of clutter on the top of my desk, but you can get a vague feel for the half-inch of clearance at the top of the thing. If this TV dies while I'm here, I'm going to have to measure the hell out of the replacement.

I was tightening the strap at something like 6:50pm, so I loaded the car as fast as I could, and zoomed up to the bar. We already had a few people (such as the wonderful cekyr0), but I was fairly confident I could get everything set up and ready to go by 8:00pm.


I got everything hooked up, turned on the booth monitor, fired it up, and noticed that the monitor seemed to only be displaying black and white. As it booted, it became clear it was only black and white.

This was a problem I'd had before - the S-video connector on my video card is a little flakey, and sometimes the chroma data just doesn't make it through.

So I fiddled with the connector, to no avail. I removed and replaced the cable entirely. To no avail. I used a different cable to connect to the house VCR. No result. I put back the original cable, sprayed the end with contact cleaner, and worked the connection a little. Nothing.

Actually, there was a result. I also rebooted the system a few times, apparently a little too rapidly for nVidia's setup. I had to restore both the PC's background image and put the thing back in dual monitor mode at one point - then readjust the TV screen size.

At close to 8:30pm, I decided to give up and just go with monochrome. There'd be some tracks where you couldn't see the color change (it appears some people hate the colorblind), but it was better than nothing.

It was then that I noticed that the stage monitor was displaying color. One power cycle of the VCR later, so was the rest of the bar...

The night improved considerably from there. For one thing, the assembled group was pretty awesome. Just as a sampling, there was Alex and jeffercine (Both of whom will be back tonight, since Jefferson's bartending), Lizz, trivialt, princesskiti22 (Squee, oh most definitely squee), blankreloaded, markobellydance, celticnoor, qzar_mystik, and tenshinigami.

Then there was Sunny. Sunny abandoned us in something like October to go live in Vegas (I'm still trying to remember who told me - a friend just happened to be sitting on the plane next to her as she flew out). She's since moved to New Mexico (I think - it could be Arizona. I confuse the two on occasion). She was unfortunately only back to pick up more of her stuff to take back out to the middle of nowhere.

Sunny's cool people - kind, fun, and talented. And hawt, to boot. One of those people that it just feels good to be around - like, say, Alex and Keri. And I now have her contact info.

She was there with her companion, Jen, who I think I'm supposed to have met before. Also very nice, if a little eclipsed. I don't know the precise relationship, except that if sex hasn't been involved, something is wrong, but Jen's still living here, enjoyed her time at the bar, and is thinking of coming back.

All around a very, very positive night. Keri let me pick her songs (from her envelope, but baby steps, baby steps), and seemed generally pleased with the results. I certainly was - she rocked all of them, not that there's a huge surprise there.

The rotation hovered somewhere around 17 people for most of the night - some additions, some subtractions, some subtractions followed by additions (kizmet100, Monica, and Jason took off for an hour or so), but generally in that range. I ran into 2:00am about halfway through the 6th round.

The bar did quite well, too, as did my tip jar (Thank you Casey!).

I closed up fairly rapidly (no packing, after all), drove CaseyTracy home, then did the unconsciousness thing for a few hours. And now I'm sort of awake.

Today's looking up, too - UPS just delivered my new headset. Out of about 7 deliveries at the Duplex, this is the second one where I was available for him to hand it to me.

I've done some necessary paperwork, and I'm about to hang the shelves over the workbench. Life's been good to me so far.

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