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I finally got dressed and out of my room around 8:00 (PM, of course), and went out to Red Robin for, uh, dinner, I guess.

Not that the day was a total loss.  I had some design ideas, and spent a lot of time running simulations.  I of course also ran into some new webcomics and still am busy reading them - I never claimed to be sane.

As an aside, never, never order the Apple Crisp at Red Robin unless you have two friends to share it with.  The damn thing is friggin' huge.  And this is from a guy who hadn't eaten in over 12 hours.

I of course went to dinner with my trusty laptop.  We had some great conversation.  Well, I ran some more simulations, anyway.

Then I came home, and, well, continued to be plugged into my computer.  timenchanter called and invited me over to watch some movies, so me and the laptop headed over there.  Ended up watching Object of my Affection, Mouse Hunt, and Zorro the Gay Blade.  I'll admit that the last two were my idea.  My only problem with Mouse Hunt is watching a couple of twits systematically destroy a nice house.  I always end up feeling for the house - it has more personality than they do.  I hadn't seen ZtGB in years.  It was actually more deliciously awful than I remembered.

Then Timmy went to bed, and the laptop and I stayed up communing for several more hours.  Then I came home, where I decided to let the desktop know I still cared.  Sigh.  I really think I need a girlfriend.

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