Bruce (kor27) wrote,


After my last post, I did get a bit of a nap in, as well as an extra shower (The Duplex is a hot place, especially in my room, next to all the computers).

With all that, I made it to the bar just before 7:30pm, where I ran into yammylee. He was stopping off for a bit, and I'm sure looking for others than just your humble servant, but we had a nice conversation anyway.

The big surprise for the night was the new, large lucydogstringer trap in the corner, obscuring the large TV (sigh). It worked, too.

Even with the occasional distractions (including kshandra arriving for her birthday), I got everything started at pretty much 8:30pm. I believe I had 4 singers lined up at that point.

It was a slow night, for whatever reason. Nowhere near a dead night, mind you - we always had enough people to make a party. And the smaller rotation meant that a number of people who arrived late (like the aforementioned Steven) were able to sing a couple of songs.

Still, we had appearances from the likes of markobellydance, celticnoor, and trivialt. Not to mention snafflekid, who was emerging, more or less intact, from finals.

I, personally, had a blast. I'm not totally sure why, but I was making jokes, singing reasonably well, and partying like a... like a... well, like a nerd on Rockstar. Several people made the mistake of having me pick their songs. Hee hee.

In the end, I finished off the 7th round at about 2:02am.

I closed up reasonably rapidly, ran synkitty home, did the Denny's thing, then collapsed at home.

And now I'm up. Ish.

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