Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Loose Ends

I've had close to a full night's sleep, which is an odd sensation at this point. I only feel a little tired.

Today was an intricate and carefully planned-out set of appointments that so far largely feels like it's collapsed. I made it to the HoD, and verified that the workbench is still there - but the guy who was going to come get it at 3:00pm won't be able to make it until around 6:00pm.

Then I was going to hang out with segajenison for a bit around 4:00pm, but she's being taken out to dinner.

I mean, nothing serious, but the upshot is that I'm up and dressed, with no excuse to not do anything productive for several hours.

So I did what any red-blooded, gluttonous, net-addicted person would do, and am just finishing lunch at Le Boulanger. We likes the free WiFi, we does.

From here, I dunno. I can only justify sitting here and using resources for so long.

Guess I'll drop by CSAA, and try to clear up the home insurance thing. It looks like the Trustee's Sale Deed finally recorded, too, so I may drop by the county and get a copy of that.

And who knows? If I can't figure a way out of it, I may even do some moving in at the Duplex.

So no, no zombies today. Just my usual acting like one.

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