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Should Have Named It Fenrir

I'm starting to wake up, and as usual am remembering why I don't want to.

Mena would like a replacement phone for the one her ex-friend Anisha walked off with (Don't ya just love tweakers?  I'm positive they took most of the DVDs stormmonkey blames on "She").  She had $82 towards it, but just informed me she has $20 left.  Sigh.  And that's not what I'm irritated about...

Llorona got into Mena's room - not hard, the door's broken.  Old story, Mena's fault, hopefully she's learned a bit.  Mostly about getting drunk and leaving men in the house - but I digress.  I need to get a good handyman in to replace it, since the frame's been broken out.

Anyway, the dog got in, apparently couldn't get out, tore up the blinds, and leapt out through the window.  These were, I should mention, extremely expensive wooden Venetian blinds that were bought when this was Larri's workroom.  The beast shattered them.

It's extremely unfair of me, I know, but if the damn thing had landed on my just-repaired car, I'd be inviting everyone over for dog-burgers.  Probably with a side of Rachell paté.

I just don't quite feel like doing a 3-day notice.  Yet.  Not sure why - glutton for punishment, I guess.

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