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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

Another day at the HoD. I'm waiting for a guy to come back with a truck to pick up the washer, which I just disconnected and manhandled to the top of the upstairs landing.

I sold my teak chest earlier.

However, I'm down to only one bookcase, because the cleanup crew dismantled the other one.

The crew has been active on the place. In fact, every day I've been here, there's been evidence of their activity. It's just that we for some reason have never met each other.

Apparently they're morning people.

I suspect that anything I don't have sold by the end of Sunday might as well be abandoned. Which would honestly be a relief.

The agent might have said it was OK, but I'm technically trespassing, and it makes me nervous.

And it would be nice to finally have completely and utterly done with the place. Continuing to live tethered to it is not a lot of fun.

Though I've gotta say, as the cleanup crew rake the rooms and strip the gunk off the fixtures, it's emerging how nice of a building it really is.

I hope the next owners are better caretakers.

Current Location: HoD
Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful