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I woke up Wednesday at around 11:00am. I would have gone back to sleep, but some remnant of conscience kept nagging at me (just can't completely get rid of the pesky thing), so I finally got around to posting all the Craigslist items for the HoD.

By the end of the day, I'd sold two: The buffet, and the side table I was using as sort of a dresser/organizer in my room. Since there was some confusion later at the Hamptons about terminology, this is a buffet:

and this is a side table:

I now also have had some declared interest in the bench/storage chest and the refrigerator.

The main downside was that the woman (Seaneen) who picked up the side table at 3:00pm was too damn interesting. We talked continuously from then until the couple came at 6:30pm to pick up the buffet. Outside. In the sun.

I'm gonna have quite the sunburn tomorrow. And then I can compound it this weekend!

She was a lot of fun. I should probably see if I can stay in contact. And timenchanter: sorry, she's married. But she should make an interesting friend. I need to get her in contact with con people, because she's apparently lived her whole life without meeting another of her kind.

After the buffet was carted off, I closed up the HoD, grabbed some cheese and crackers, and made my way to the Hamptons. Tonight was a slightly different flavor, for some reason. Quite a few people, all fabulous as usual, but a much larger level of sexual tension. Pollen in the air or something - who knows?

In any case, it was the usual wonderful evening. I mean, I got my princesskiti22 fix. And tenshinigami brought home-backed cheesecake! I passed out on the couch for an hour or so sometime around midnight, then woke up just as the last of the food was being cleared away. So I got to say my goodbyes, then went home.

I just finished catching up on the afternoon and evening's LJ (3 pages), and will now proceed to pass out.

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