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Monday's show mostly evaporated not long after the last post. In fact, by midnight, the rotation consisted of myself, jeffercine, synkitty, and Paul D.

It stayed that way until I stopped at 1:30am, at the end of the 12th round. A couple walked in about then - though they weren't singing - so I filled the rest of the night with various videos while I shut down.

The bar actually did quite reasonably for the night, so I did as well - no complaints there.

I drove Synthia home, then made it back to the Duplex and oblivion. Actually, not quite oblivion, at least not for a bit. I spent a fair amount of time measuring the new rack, and thinking about dolly and table designs.

Once I finished measuring, I removed the rack from my bed - and then passed out.

I'd been toying around with what to do to make sure I had a complete enough system for Saturday, since table space probably won't be available. The major thought was to design something, run by Southern Lumber, then up to my parents' and their workshop.

Somewhere around 4:00pm, timenchanter said he was coming home, and that I was going to the HoD. About then it occurred to me that I know what songs are to be played, and that all I really need is a player and a video hookup.

So Timmie and I went to the HoD and picked up a last few things, and I photographed a couple of items I hadn't already. The agent had obviously been there - the front door lock had been changed. Not much else had changed - and the key change wasn't enough to keep us out. Somehow. Timmie used the wrong key, and it let us in. Once.

I just think the place is used to us. In any case, I still have the key to the side door, and the agent said it was OK if I sold a few items.

We grabbed some dinner at Popeye's, then made our way back to the Duplex. Timmie went off to pick up the boyfriend, and I dropped by Fry's (to look at TV mounts, which they don't really carry anymore), then went up to the bar.

I increased the bar population by 25% when I got there. It was myself, Lily, Lizz, and John - so there was at least one actual customer in the place. I ended up spending a lot more time talking that I expected.

But still, I managed to extract my old player and RF modulator from the old rack. That, with some cabling work, will be my equipment for Saturday. With any luck, I'll be able to extract it all at the end of the competition, and not have to come back Sunday morning.

Lizz was about to leave at 11:00pm, but I was giving her a massage, so we retired to the bench in the pool room instead, and talked while I worked her over. Lily finally gave up at midnight, so that's when I stopped. I believe Lizz looked a lot more relaxed as she headed out the door.

And I went from there to here, and shortly I'll be heading to home and sleep.

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