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More Coasting

Sunday's show continued quite nicely. The bar did nicely, people got to sing (I did 6 rounds before closing at 1:45), all went well.

I went and did the Denny's thing with the laptop, then went home, conked out in my chair, and had odd dreams I don't remember.

I transferred to the bed somewhere around 9:00am, and slept, more or less, until 1:00pm.

Then I got to the job of serious vegging. It appears that parts of me are rebelling against the stuff I need to be doing right now. Which means it probably won't get done.

It's too bad. I could really use the extra money from selling the furniture, too.

Most of the day was spent reading the archives for Surburban Tribe, which I'm finding quite addictive.

Around about 5:30pm, timenchanter and I went off to Macaroni Grill for some dinner, then we found our way to the bar.

I actually got going close to on time - something like 8:10pm. It would have been earlier, except I was hanging out with pretty much everyone outside the bar at 8:00pm sharp.

It's not been bad for a Monday so far, though people are kind of peeling off and heading home right now. The rotation's been a fairly steady 8-10 people, and will probably be 6 or so in another hour.

On the upside, there's some people in here I haven't seen before, just hanging out and playing pool. And I finally gave hollyk a song she didn't hate.

And back on the downside, I just got a lecture from Lily about turning on the mantelpiece lava lamps. The level of cheapness around here occasionally pisses me off...

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