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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]
Stuff, I Think


It turned out timenchanter did have a little time yesterday, so we returned my parents' truck, painted a bit of deck, then headed back down the hill so he could spend some time with his boyfriend.

But not before we had a nice dinner at Olive Garden.

Then I vegged at the Duplex for a bit before heading off to Tim H's birthday party. Interesting group, though I didn't really click with most of them. Selena, moahb's old boss at AMC is really interesting, though.

I was thinking of heading home when k_magic mentioned that cekyr0, jeffercine, and Noah were on their way. So I got some Alex, Jefferson, and Noah time in, which perked me up considerably.

I believe we all took our leave at around 1:30am. hi! says mikey


Anyway, I pretty much went home and to bed. Then stayed there. And stayed there. And... stayed there. Apart from watching some Monty Python, that's about it for the day. No real idea why - one of the various unresolved issues, I assume. Or maybe I was just tired.

In any case, I managed to get myself showered, fed, and to the bar by 7:00pm sharp. Lily showed up and opened the door at something like 7:05pm...

Even with being early, I started pretty much at 8:00pm sharp. Odd day, indeed.

It's been a fun little night. Far from crowded, but also far from empty. The first round was 15 people, and we're nearing the end of the second one - 17 so far.

There's been a group of cute girls here since opening, which wouldn't be so remarkable, except one (Becky) reminds me incredibly of a young Dele - she has the same kind of glorious smile.

In fact she just got the courage to sing. Speaking of which, jorgitoelcubano has done two songs so far tonight - I'm so proud!

Back to work.

Current Location: KoC
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

It was a fun night except for the creepy straight guy who hit on several of the girls. He even groped Monica's leg at one point prompting her to ask me to pose as her gf. When that didn't seem to deter him she chose to switch positions putting me between her and him sonce he didn't seem inclined to hit on me. Not sure if I should be offended by that or not, other creepy straight guys have hit on me at KOC before.