Bruce (kor27) wrote,

There and Back Again

After my last post, I got myself together, loaded the car, grabbed way too much food at Panera (Dude! Not only do they have free WiFi, but they've got power outlets!), then made my way to the bar for the Thursday show.

Interesting night. A bunch of people came out because sylvan was there - such as kshandra - but other than that, the night was pretty dead. Paula said it was the worst Thursday in something like 4 months. Of course, she's terrible at keeping track, so who knows?

But it was a slow Thursday. I closed at the end of the 6th round, at something like 2:03am. It was 777echelon's birthday, and he was the end of the round. I was going to have him sing, dammit.

After the show, I decompressed at Carrow's, then made my way to home and oblivion.

Not much to say about Friday during the day. I got the rent paid. I got my parents' truck smogged. Speaking of which, I've gotta recommend In&Out Smog Check, at 480 Keyes in San Jose. Little hole-in-the-wall place, but the equipment is recent, the owner knows his stuff, and I was out of there 20 minutes after having shown up without an appointment.

timenchanter got home around 5:00pm, napped for a very little bit, then we climbed into Fawkes, picked up electrichobbit at the nearest light rail station, then made our way to the Pride Moorpark mixer, which was... predictably dull. The food spread wasn't bad, so we munched out a little. Said hi to a couple of people we knew - mostly Steve C.

And as at most mixers, we hung out with each other, and didn't really meet anybody.

We left there at around 6:50pm, and after a little fumbling, found ourselves at Foothill College for the dance show. Quite a good time. The choreography was mostly quite good, the pacing was extremely good, and spawrhawk was predictably awesome. It was a student show, and a number of the dancers were, um, students, but all of the principal dancers, and several of those students, did an excellent job.

Well, except for the one musclebound guy. He was painful. Fortunately, also not a large part of the show.

It would have been nice if they'd been able to put more time and money into the music. The occasional attempt to mix live voice with recorded worked about as well as one would expect, some of the lipsynching was kinda meh, and a number of the splices they threw in to shorten a soundtrack were quite jarring. Obviously a budget question.

We of course ran into a number of people there - misswong77, tigercutig, k_magic, markobellydance, celticnoor, Tim H, and Seth T, just to name a few.

The three of us left there with the intention of attending the Hunter's grand opening. This didn't really work.

First of all, there was the major accident and attendant closure of the 280 at De Anza. That took 40 minutes. Then we decided that food was a good idea, which ended up being Mini Gourmet.

We parked in downtown at something like midnight. To find a line about a block long waiting to get into the place. We hung out a bit in line with Dannii and Mike G, and said hello to Tim (again), but finally decided that we didn't want to deal.

So we had a drink at Mac's. We left there at 1:00am, in large part because Timmie was only marginally conscious. It was possible to get into Hunter's at that point, but he was in no condition to deal with the noise, so we gave it a pass. We did hang out outside for a little bit, which meant I got to talk to - of all people - Jasmine, who's a fan of featured performer Derek Jameson.

We also got to say hi to jeffercine, moahb, and Tim (again) as they were leaving the place.

Then back to the Duplex, where Timmie collapsed. I drove Mark home, got back myself, started this post, and conked out myself. I'm now going to actually climb into bed.

I'm supposed to return the truck to my parents today. I'm not sure if that's going to happen, since I'm going to need to find someone to drive me back down - and I suspect Timmie's going to be busy... Ah well. Not a big deal, anyway.

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