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Car Shuffles, Bands, and Spirits

Got up noonish, introduced timenchanter to the joys of TK Noodle, then cleaned up and proceeded to handle today's vehicle shell game:  Paid off the body shop for the Escort, returned the Monte Carlo, then back to my place to pick up Fawkes' front bumper, then dropped off Fawkes at a different body shop for his nose job.

I'm going to be Timmy's commuter transport for the next week.  This should be... interesting.

Hung around at Timmy's, surfed, enjoyed some of his cooking, then we both headed out to Johnny V's downtown to see Nuralisis.  This is the band that Anisha's girlfriend Jamie fronts - Anisha being the bartender at Splash, as opposed to the Anisha that's been hanging around my house.

As an aside, I'm probably misspelling both Anishas, and I find it childishly amusing that Dustin at Splash is apparently the brother of one, while the other has a boyfriend named Dustin.  But anyway.

The band's pretty good.  I'd suggest checking it out.  The venue was interesting - they were having a women's night, with bands, painting, and some spoken word (Some good, some definitely not).  As usual, the sound was set up such that you could barely hear the leads, and definitely not make out the words.  I understand the sound problems around dealing with live drums in a small space, but still.  I also gotta remember to bring my earplugs to these things...

We'd been talking about seeing some movies, so we headed on over to Tower and grabbed a few (Rental?  What is this rental of which you speak, sirrah?).  I now have Neverwhere on DVD.  Went back to Timmy's and watched High Spirits, an incredibly schlocky 1988 movie that I recommended.  Much, much fun with no redeeming social qualities, and some of the worst special effects ever assembled together in one film.

Then Timmy went to bed, and I passed out on his couch.  Time to head home.

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