Bruce (kor27) wrote,

And That's (Almost) That

After my last post, I got an email from the guy purporting to represent AMC, with an attached scan of an (as yet unrecorded) trustee sale deed. I could continue to be skeptical, but I'm going to assume he's the real deal.

The recorded amount of sale almost covers my debt to the bank, if one ignores the support lien. Of course, there's no mention of a prior lien - I don't know if there would be - so to be sure I've emailed a copy to the ex-wife, and faxed one to her attorney (He apparently doesn't do email, at least, not in public).

I've officially turned over the house to this guy. I haven't handed him keys - heck, I haven't met him - but I've given him the combination to the lockbox. And, for better or worse, signed the damn papers. I feel a lot less paranoid about those, now that I've seen the sale price.

I feel like sleeping right now, probably as a stress reaction. Instead, I'm going to head down and pick up the last few things, then hopefully finally start the Craigslist process. He's said he doesn't care if I go in and do things there, as long as I'm no longer officially in residence.

In fact, he's going to try and help me sell the refrigerator, washer, and dryer, which is cool.

Otherwise, well, timenchanter decided I needed to get out yesterday, so we went and had dinner at P.F. Chang's, then saw "Shrek 3" with rebekie. Cute movie, cute company. Married cute company, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy her presence, does it?

So far, I'd have to say my order of Shrek preference is 2,1,3. Not that 3 isn't good, but it doesn't quite have the level of quality of the others.

Other than that, all I've really done is watch the LJ fan/corporate clone wars as they developed. Culture clashes are always fun to watch, and this was more of a cultural train wreck. Heck, I even commented in the news post that they finally decided to make.

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