Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Hither and Yon

I got out of the house at something like 4:00pm yesterday. I dropped by CSAA and paid another month of homeowner's on the HoD. I would have then headed up to Baycon, but reg wouldn't be open until 6:00pm, so I opted for a beard and hair trim.

Now, I know it's my fault for using Supercuts, but the experience was what I've always had: A "trim" consists of 5-6" of loss, followed by a lecture about using a leave-in conditioner.

And, of course, application of said conditioner. So I spent the rest of the night feeling like my hair was filthy...

I made it up to San Mateo at just about 6:00pm, and got through reg quite rapidly.

Let it be said that I'm not at all bitter that Baycon's moved out of the Doubletree now that I'm 2 minutes away from it. Good thing it's not their fault...

And there ensued a most marvelous evening. I had dinner with supersniffles, then wandered the hallways, schmoozing.

I ran into weasel420, Noe, and little Malcolm. It was the first time I'd seen Noe in ages (I believe not since well before the pregnancy), and had never seen Malcolm at all. I've never before had parents proclaim to a baby "You see this guy? You wouldn't exist without him!"

Of course, there was also synkitty and little Tara, many tickle-fights with ladyelsena and crew (Not to mention giving her a foot-massage in an out-of-the-way corridor. I do so love making women moan...), a talk with misdev (She's off to marry the boyfriend that's suddenly joining the marines), several encounters with the Devon and friends that I met at mor_riogain's birthday party, and some nice conversations with justnate and Grace.

And tlslive. I kept running into Toby at every turn. Far from unpleasant, but very odd.

I also was finally introduced to segajenison by Cindi. That was cool, though as a very hot girl, she was kind of being escorted around to everything - not much time for conversation.

That, of course, is the short description. I haven't talked about the conversations with thebatt, for example.

Not to mention the enormous number of compliments I got for my new "I support single moms" T-shirt. Thanks, timenchanter!

I headed home around 1:30am, and managed to get a little sleep before getting back up around 9:30am.

Today has been a little insane. First off, I headed back up to Con to see the art show and dealer's room. The first thing I saw was gridlore back from the hospital, which was muy cool.

The odd thing was being talked to by chaoswolf. We haven't had a conversation in something like 4 years, and since then she's kind of ignored me. Oh well.

I left there about 1:30pm, and headed down to my parents' place, where I did several chores and a fair amount of deck-painting.

I left there about 6:30pm or so, and made my way to yammylee and Chris' homewarming, where I am now.

A very nice party, but I'm about to make my leave and head back up to the Con parties. I took the precaution of getting some Rockstar. I'm gonna need it...

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