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Bills and Stanford

I did my usual hugging of the covers until well after noon.  Mena made me get up, because she needed some forms from her social worker.  As we were getting into the car, she admitted wanting me to drive her because she'd never ridden in a Monte Carlo.

I hope she was happy.  It's nice, but not heaven on wheels.

At least it got me up.  I gathered together all of my recent mail, and headed off to Coco's, where I could have lunch and some table space.  Sorted it down to a few bills and about 50 credit card and mortgage come-ons.  In any case, finally paid some bills.  I had to run off to the water company and pay that one - they were scheduled to turn the water off on Wednesday.  This depression/never doing anything bit is severely annoying.

Dropped off the bills at the Lundy station (Faster mailing), and then headed home.  timenchanter came over to do some laundry, so he did that, I printed out half a book, and then we grabbed some Taco Bell then headed to the show.

The show started off extremely slow.  I even got a "Where is everybody" comment from Maggie.  That was soon to change.  Among other things, a Stanford gay&lesbian group came in, and started putting up songs.  Then more regulars started coming in.

Most of the night was effectively the first round.  By 11:00 I'd run out of chart, and had started putting new people in vacated slots.  I felt a little overwhelmed a few times.  OK, a lot overwhelmed.  But I mostly kept everything running smoothly, though the sound was a bitch.  Because of the crowd noise, I had to turn all sound way up - which brought all sorts of feedback problems with it.  It didn't help that Kris kept bugging me to up the volume - I swear that woman's deaf.  On top of that, it never seems to occur to her that a lot of people actually want to talk.  Eh.  Whatever.

The funny thing is that, as seems standard lately, the crowd started evaporating around midnight.  Steven and supersniffles came in at their usual time, and Steven got to sing two songs.  As another example, Timmy ended up singing 5.

Went to Mini Gourment with Timmy, then home.  Sleep now.

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