Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Little Bits

I did, finally, make it down to the HoD last night, where I not only managed to pretty much clear out the garage (or at least what I want of it)(and the "pretty much" refers to a few small things left for boxing on a side counter), but also finally sold a couple of items, so my toolchest and lawnmower have moved on to good homes.

My brain started to explode a little while before completely filling the truckbed, so I took what I had back home, unloaded, then took the car back down - after stopping for a couple of hours at Red Lobster with the laptop, then taking the long back drive through the hills. No ghost vans this time.

Yes, I recharge myself through comfort food and feeding my net addiction. Shut up.

I took the car because I kept running into things that were hard to box - large pictures and my hat collection, for example. After running around finding things to throw in the car for about half an hour, I drove home and unloaded, with the general intention of going back again with the truck.

timenchanter, however, was parked behind the truck, and didn't really seem in a vehicle moving kinda mood. Actually, I'd tried to get him down to the HoD to move some more of his stuff earlier in the evening with no success.

He thinks he's going to manage it all Saturday.

But hey, if I had a cute partner in my bed, I'd be making excuses, too. Besides, he isn't expecting to spend the vast majority of the weekend in San Mateo.

The only thing I'm kicking myself about is that I didn't do the stuff with the furniture I've been meaning to for two weeks now. I need to clear it all off (partially done), photograph it (not at all done), and put it up on Craigslist (see previous step). Time's kinda running out on that...

I'm hoping to get that done today - which means nothing. I've been hoping to get that done every day I've gone down there. On the other hand, I'm down to the "Fuck it, just throw random stuff in boxes" stage, which goes a lot faster than the careful sorting process.

Besides, it's not clear that anyone's going to get back to me with proof of new ownership before Monday. But it's possible. There are two and a half days left before the long weekend. I suspect, though, that the whole prior lien thing is being a major thorn in their sides. Which would make me a very sad panda.

Of course, that means I should probably run down to CSAA and pay off my homeowner's insurance before they cancel it. I've been hoping to forego that, but with ownership up in the air, taking the safe course is a better idea. Blech.

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