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I've spent the last day pretty much ignoring the move. I'm still fighting with the whole business card thing, but of course largely because it gives me something to hide in.

I have someone supposedly coming to the HoD to look at the tool chest tomorrow night, and I just got a host of phone calls as soon as I got to the bar and cranked things to the point that phone calls were impractical. Not that I really felt like talking, anyway, but at least I had an excuse.

Last night's show was a remarkable amount of fun. We had an all-to-rare visit from the talented, fun, and attractive spondee, as well as the troupe around filmbuf104 and Natalie, including tomato_thief, who just got back from school for the summer.

So many cute women. What's a lecher to do?

It was kind of... wrong that both of Stacy and Kevin's songs were love duets...

Not that they were the only people here - it was quite crowded, especially for a Sunday. I managed 5 rounds before closing at something like 1:45am - to the sound of Dane and Chris.

The bar did quite well.

Then some supper at Denny's with the laptop, and home to conk out.

Today, apart from the the aforementioned business card shtuff, involved a couple of very nice meals with timenchanter, and, of course, the Monday suicide show.

It's been kind of typically slow so far - I'm on the 7th round - but the big news is a visit by ladyelsena and friends. I missed her party last Saturday, and was a little bummed at the thought of not seeing her - she's out from Utah so rarely.

I'm not sure I'm going to survive the tickle attacks, though...

And cekyr0 and jeffercine are here! Yay!

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