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As The Screw Turns

I heard from my agent today - yes, the place did go through foreclosure. He warned me that the other guy still may not be legitimate, though.

I feel I rather misjudged him. He seemed more contrite about the consequences for me than upset about his loss of commission.

I'm still working on the business card, partly because VistaPrint had some pretty hefty back-end fees, and because the help file at Prints Made Easy, which has a much more transparent pricing structure, pointed out that I'd really be better off providing a CMYK file with a single color black.

So I've been trying to get InkScape to produce a PS file I can hack. Except I seem to have run into a serious resolution/size problem. Ah well.

In more important news, I've continued to manage to not sell anything. At least someone came to look at the toolchest, but he didn't think it would work for him.

I've got someone else supposedly showing up tomorrow, and in the meantime I'm dumping stuff in the truck - with the usual odd flashes down memory lane. I'd forgotten that I collected keychains as a kid...

I can handle just about one truckload, so I'm gonna do that, then head home and prepare for the evening.

Gotta remember to tell the one guy that tomorrow just ain't happening.

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