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Yet More Drunken Revelry

Spent the afternoon with timenchanter and Tabby, who was at Tim's place because she needed to watch some gay-themed movies for a  class she's taking.  Tim drove me over because Trudi was borrowing my car, then we just went to KoC in his car.

So the night started with an invasion by xtina_satanica, Honey, Jeffrey, and Angela (Tank Girl).  They all joined in the suicide, so we had an all-singing, all-dancing karaoke party for a couple of hours.

Later, theblank showed up and hung around for a song.  That was cool - it's always good to see Casey.

Then, well, both Tim and unbreak_able managed to get rather drunk.  Debbie brought a notebook so she could work on her choreography.  Towards the end of the night, I suspect any notations made were not immensely legible.

One huge advantage from all this - Debbie again agreed to come on Tim's February NY trip, and he had me pull out the laptop and get it connected to the net before she changed her mind again.  So she now has tickets!  Yay!  Can't back out!

At the end of the show, I drove Fawkes for the third time in the last week, went to Denny's and gorged with Timmy, deposited him on my couch, and headed straight for my bed, from which I'm typing this missive.

And now I'm done, so good night.

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