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Curiouser and Curiouser

So I went to the county clerk-recorder's office today, to try to find something out about the state of the HoD. The last official record of any form was the Intent to Foreclose back in March.

No new deed. No record of a sale at all. Nada.

They even bounced me up to the tax assessor's office, just in case - nothing there either.

So I asked this guy to have AMC forward me some level of official documentation. He told me that "a deed takes a while to record" (somewhat true), and that AMC would be quite willing to send me a copy of the Intent to Foreclose.

Uh, yeah. Like I need another copy of that. That doesn't really tell me either that the sale actually happened, or who bought it.

So I told him I needed at least an official record of the sale, and also finally got in touch with my agent.

Who's about as mystified as I am. Apparently AMC suddenly stopped responding to him, after multiple assurances that everything was going very well.

Not to mention that he got some indication that the Title Insurance claim they say they started on February 8th never made it to the Title company.

So I don't know what's going on. There may have been a foreclosure, there may not have been. There may be a short sale in process, there may not be. Some people claim they know, but there's no indication that any of them actually do.

I have to admit to a certain level of admiration. Even in its death throes, the HoD continues to make grand dramatic gestures, like an overactor whose death scene involves staggering around the grand ballroom, ripping each curtain off in turn.

Meanwhile, I'm standing in my old room, still tired after downing a RockStar, and thinking something best described by "Screw you guys - I'm going home."

Except I've got a couple of people coming over later to buy some of the stuff I've put on Craigslist. And I still need to move out, anyway.


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