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I got myself up "early" yesterday - something like 11:00am. Given when I got to bed, and given that we were then immediately hit with a blackout - one I felt impelled to talk to PG&E about, for some reason - I didn't get a huge amount of sleep.

As an aside: Why the bloody hell is PG&E incapable of posting blackout info? Other power companies across the US will happily put up a map of local outages, or a list, or something. PG&E either won't pay for the web expertise (which is plentiful, and not all that expensive), or more likely is one of those infuriating "happy" companies that thinks they should never admit any kind of failure to customers.

I eventually drifted off after the battery died on the UPS for the desktop system - so I only had to contend with the beeping from the one for the DSL connection.

So yeah, I was tired. And with my usual goofing off, didn't get out of the apartment until 3:00pm or so. There were just so many important online things to do - like trying to placate angry eBay customers (my supplier is being an ass), or reading the full archives of Hellbent and Writhe and Shine.

This comic and the one following it especially made me laugh. I should probably mention that they're just a teensy bit blasphemous...

So anyway, even with the compressed time, I managed a few things. My lawnmower is up on Craigslist, and has gotten a few nibbles. I've managed to move pretty much all of my tools to my trunk, and have also posted my tool chest and workbench on Craigslist - the tool chest has a nibble, too.

Then, of course, it was time to move on to more important things, like Dinner & electrichobbit. It's so nice to have sieur Branson back home. A pleasant and varied evening that included hanging out with various groups, the usual excellent food, watching YouTube clips with jeffercine, games of both Lucinda-ball and Rick-ball, a long phone conversation with my cousin, some napping on the couch, and the all-around warm fuzzies that come from the Hamptons.

And I'm not in the least bitter about the "You'll get lucky tonight" fortune cookie. No, not me.

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