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Not much to say.  Feeling slightly better.  Slept most of the day, surfed for the rest.  Found some cool Flash clocks, so I found a free screensaver converter and now have several clock screensavers for my laptop.

Got a call from "She", who had discovered I'd deposited her check by the expedient of not being able to get food at Una Mas, so I (sigh) loaned her $40.  Yes, yes, I'm a schmuck.  I know it, OK?

Got a couple of requirements for the house (TP and dishwashing soap) and had dinner at timenchanter's.  Yummy.  Then we watched Episode 2, he went to bed, and I came home.  Wheeee!

Of course, now I'm back to having a menagerie camped out at my place, courtesy of both Mena and "She".  And, of course, I still have a dog with severe abandonment issues.

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