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After my last post, timenchanter and I did, indeed, make it to the HoD, where we looked around for quick things to grab, and managed to fill the truck. Well, and Timmie finished his laundry.

So we now have a portable air conditioner and no known way of hooking it up, 'cause all our windows are the swing type, as opposed to sash.

I've also got a... fair... portion of my Ren stuff. I haven't started on the boots, yet...

We then drove all the stuff home, and passed the fuck out.

Yesterday, I woke up early enough to get an invite from Timmie and Amy C. for lunch at the Tandoori Oven. Which, for one reason and another, I ended up 20 minutes late for. A lot of it parking in the wrong garage. Since the place was packed, this meant I didn't get my food until those two had to rush back to work, but that was OK - I got to hang out, and then I just relaxed and ate my Kofta. Not a bad place - I can easily see going back.

I was then out and about, with a sunny - and empty - afternoon in front of me. A dangerous combination. I had a glorious several hours of nerd shopping. While Guitar Showcase was a bust, I was able to find some low-profile rotatable XLR connectors at Guitar Center, as well as some stuff to jury-rig my cheapo home computer speakers off the rig without having to bypass the mixer.

Then I managed to grab a used quad compressor unit (shiny!) at Starving Musician, as well as some insert cables (I really didn't want to reuse the insert snake I've got - it's heavy).

And, to top it all off, a quick visit to Nerdvana (Sunnyvale chapter), to grab a right-angle power cord. Bastards - a normal cord is $2.99, while a right-angle version of the same thing is $7.99.

In any case, once I finish building a couple of cables with the new connectors, I should be able to "flatten" the mass of cables behind the mixer enough to fit in the compressor - and will hopefully have the thing ready for tonight's show.

I made it home just in time to do a quick Costco shopping trip with Timmie (where he bought me a bottle of Patrón Añejo!), then off to the Hamptons, where last night's excuse for a party was my approaching birthday.

A wonderful night, as always. Granted, I passed out through the latter part of it, thanks to the Patrón, but that was after the more important parts of the evening, anyway.

misswong77 brought me the same cake as last year, and this time didn't break my heart... accidentally. One pun too many, and suddenly the chocolate heart on my plate was in two pieces.

Sigh. Wimmen.

I had them put two candles on my cake, because this is now, officially, my "two years short of a half-century" birthday.

It was the first time I'd seen princesskiti22 and wissavix in for-ev-er, and it was wonderful just basking. Well, and hugging Keri every 20 minutes or so.

A great time, even if parts of the night are a little fuzzy. I eventually woke up enough to get into Fawkes, and Timmie drove us home.

And that's about it. The only thing that's happened so far today is an ecard from bustymcboob, which is the first communication I've had from her since I finally canceled her phone. That was nice.

Of course, she told me to get laid on my birthday. Yeah - like that's going to happen...

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