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After dinner Saturday, I made my way to the bar, to pick up what I'd forgotten.

Of course, that meant I was at the bar. I ended up giving about an hour-long massage to Lizz, then hung out, and finally dragged myself away around midnight.

But I was relaxed, and refocussed, and completely ready to... sleep. Dammit. So I gave in to biology for about 4 hours, then actually got up and started fiddling. I was finished wiring up stuff and screwing in pieces some time around 9:30am. I plugged everything in for a final burn test, only to discover that the video didn't work at all. I was getting nothing from the new RF modulator.

So I quickly (for me) showered, and headed out to OSH to grab another one. I knew they had it, and knew they were open. I got back, plugged in the new one just in case - and its power light didn't come on either. Turns out it doesn't unless the cable is seated properly, which it wasn't...

In any case, I was able to test a few things, including the new powered speakers, which are pretty awesome. I won't be using them at KoC, but I now can do a show somewhere without begging a set of speakers from the bar.

With all that, I didn't leave the Duplex until 11:40am - and ajayav's thing was supposed to start at noon in Hayward! So I sped up there, parked, marched in as apologetically as I could, to find that no-one else was really ready, either. Also, that the final decision was to forgo karaoke and just have the DJs (thebatt and co.) play music. On the system they'd already put in.

At that point I actually didn't care too much - and it meant I didn't have to organize a show. But in some ways I felt even better when it turned out that they couldn't get their system to work. So with much help (jeffercine and cekyr0, mostly), I hauled my stuff on stage, hooked it to their system, and, eventually, got it to work through my new speakers. Which filled a large hall very nicely, thank you.

So I hung out there until they had to vacate at 5:00pm, sampling misdev's cooking, and talking with Alex and Jeff - and eventually sjgrrrl and trivialt. A pleasant, low-key afternoon.

After that, I took myself and the equipment up to my parents' place, where I (1) took a nap, (2) had a nice dinner, then (3) hooked up their new plasma TV. Very pretty.

At that point it was 10:30pm, and I was supposed to go to Rhianna's party up at the Oakland RHPS show. I didn't feel too solid about making the drive conscious, so I begged off, and then for some reason headed to the bar, where I spent more hours than I should making snarky comments about people and videos with snafflekid. Well, and also hanging out a bit with chargerboy and his mom, and kizmet100.

Definitely a good night for the bar. I don't know what happened with the whole Big Boogie Nights thing - Wayne was playing, and place was filled to capacity with what Eddie, Kendall, and I started calling Little Liquored Labia Licking Latin Lesbians (How many Labia could a Little Liquored Latin Lesbian Lick if a Little Liquored Latin Lesbian could Lick Labia?). Gabe had to use the panic button on his remote to get a dryhumping couple of girls off his car. Multiple times.

I ended up staying until after close - I even brought a couple of things in from the car. Then timenchanter, Jeff, Eddie, Kendall and I did the Denny's thing.

So I staggered my way home around 4:00am - and for some masochistic reason decided to empty the car. So the system is in place for me to do some more tweaking, as well as scan in Kendall's disc - and the new one that arrived in the mail yesterday. We'll see how I decide to handle the database entries. Not wanting to make that decision has been one of the reasons I haven't ordered a few glaring lacunae in the collection yet (I mean, honestly, I should have a copy of Mickey), so that'll probably happen in the next month or so.

I also will be trying to do something about the screen size. It appears that NVidia, in handling their TV out signal, does a "virtual" screen at a normal size, then reduces that to the pixel size needed by the TV. Which would be fine, except it appears that the reduction calculation is off. If I reduce the image size from 1024x768, the size on the TV enlarges. It looks therefore like it would be perfect at a larger resolution, but it won't let me set one. This should be interesting.

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