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Got up at 4:00 in an attempt to actually get something done.  Not too effective.  I did manage to get stormmonkey's notice printed out and taped to her door.

I also managed to print up some slips.  Go me.

The show, by contrast, was pretty nice.  Slow, as most Mondays are, but a fun, cheerful group.  coronadelsol brought dwo, and spawrhawk came, actually stayed for several songs, then took David home.  unbreak_able, still feeling untouchable, came and hung out.

Much, much better energy.  Even if dancin_whitey spent his time bitching.  Even that was entertaining.

Kyra sang 4 songs, which makes it a good night almost no matter what else is happening.  And I ran until 1:45 so the last few people could get another round in.

Then timenchanter and I went out to Carrows for supper.  Then home.

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