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Apart from waaay too much time spent fiddling with .htaccess files (just one more try! Then it'll work!), the day Thursday was spent putting together the new rack, and trying to prepare it for its initial test during last night's show.

After running around to get various pieces, I completely ran out of time. In fact, I had to stop and grab a couple of things on the way to the bar, meaning I got there late - and then was late getting started.

I gave up and got going at 9:00pm, even though things were sorta held together with baling wire. I had about 5 people signed up at that point.

Part of the problem is that in all the rush, I completely neglected to (ahem) actually read the manuals for the new feedback eliminator and reverb unit. I'd skimmed both of them, but obviously not well enough. The feedback eliminator wouldn't pass anything through at all, and in the interests of expediency, I just disconnected it.

The reverb unit has what is considered to be an intuitive user interface by the German engineers back at Behringer. I knew this, and bought it anyway because of the price, and because I know they build solid products. It's just unfortunate that their UIs all suck in huge aspirating gulps.

So I left that at its default setting, which wasn't too bad, apart from being a stereo processor with a mono input. Since I didn't find the page that set up for mono, I probably was only getting reverb from one side of the room. No one complained.

Honestly, all that aside, the only three things that were a real irritation was the video still being too wide (with a different RF modulator, no less!), the lack of mic compression, and a 60Hz mic hum. When I set up the old Behringer feedback eliminators (see, I know whereof I speak!), I added some mild compression to the mics, because I had a couple of singers that got painfully loud. I discovered last night that I have several singers of the go-from-quiet-to-oh-my-god-it's-so-loud-my-ear-canal-is-buzzing-there-goes-some-hearing variety.

I'm either going to have to spend a lot more time riding the mic volumes, or somehow add in some compression. Preferably not from those - I was never happy with the Sharcs, partly because they really needed to be set for the individual singer. If the levels were for loud singers, quiet singers seemed to have digitization errors. If set for the quiet singers, loud singers would clip. I assume a bad set of digitization levels. To top it off, they always seemed to make people's voices sound a bit thin.

The mic hum was odd. I discovered partway through the night that it disappeared if both remote mics were enabled or disabled, but showed up if only one was enabled. I think I know the fix, and'll be trying it tonight.

Other than all that, it was a fun night. We had a completey new large party show up. They were fun, energetic, young, and fairly easy on the eyes for all genders and persuasions. I hope they'll be back.

With all that, it was a fairly slow night from the regular point of view. In fact, when that group left, the place became fairly empty - and the rotation never went above around 18 people.

I believe I finished on round 7, just at 2:00am.

snafflekid has decided to donate his new disc, which will be in the database as soon as I decide how to handle index numbers for professionally burned discs. I'm leaning towards using the online track numbers.

That'll have to wait until after ajayav's reception tomorrow.

Today was spent in more running around for missing pieces - and from here, I'll be heading to the bar, because for some reason it didn't occur to me last night that I need things like, oh, the song books, and the mics, and the monitor, and monitor cables...

Then back to more assembly, and testing. I'm hoping for sleep sometime, but not precisely counting on it. It depends completely on how fast I can get the complete test setup to work - which depends on variables like the powered speakers, which I have yet to unbox.

Otherwise, I can say that the completed setup is transportable, as desired. Just barely. The new rack only sits in my passenger seat, grudgingly lets me use 5th gear, and likes to play with the radio. Actually, it broke part of the radio last night. I'll worry about that later.

And it's fookin' heavy. I can carry it for short distances, but that's about it. Getting it out of the bar last night involved 3 stops and a lot of hyperventilation. I definitely see a collapsible hand truck in my future.

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