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Not too long after my last post, timenchanter left the bar (it was apparently a very slow night) with some indication of hunger.

So he dropped by, picked me up, and we headed off to a Denny's I haven't been to before - the north first street one south of 101, as opposed to the one I know just north of 101.

It was an odd experience. The decor was muted and, one might almost say, tasteful. Our waiter was attentive and cheerful. The food arrived rapidly, well-cooked, reasonably well presented, and as ordered.

It was like the Twilight Zone, man.

Then home, and a few hours of that "sleep" thing I occasionally do.

Today was another "early" day. I was up by 10:00am or so, and ready to leave the Duplex by 11:00am. Timmie and I then swooshed by Papyrus and got cards, he for a baby shower, and me for my mother's birthday party.

Then off to the birthday party in question. It was held at the Banerjee's this year. Timmie sorta knew a few of the people, and got introduced to a few more.

I got to talk a bit with Dave and Pele, who I haven't seen in years - and Carol, who I get to see every half year or so.

Definitely a good time, punctuated with Indian food.

We didn't get back from that until 4:15pm or so. I jumped in the truck and headed to the furniture store. Unfortunately I made the mistake of calling them in the process, with the result that they told me it was too late for today.

They're open until 5:00pm. I should have just showed up. Ah well.

So, I was on the road, and decided to do something productive. Besides, I wanted the car for this evening. So I dropped by the HoD, and scoured the garage for boxes I wanted.

So now my complete comic collection and all my old French S&SF have been transported to the Duplex. Scarily, that was enough boxes to fill the car...

After stacking that in a corner of my room, I started on this post - and fell asleep. I woke up a little after 7:00pm, so I packed up as quickly as I could and ran to the bar.

Which, counter to the usual, was quite well populated when I arrived. Dammit.

Between schmoozing, and the honest time it takes to set up, I didn't get going until 8:30pm. At that point, I had about 10 people signed up.

It's been a busy night. Right at the moment, I have 24 singers, and if I don't get another one, I'll be wrapping up the first round in a song.

Quite a crowd. Shelly showed up after a several month absence, sans misdev, and with a huge group.

cekyr0, jeffercine, tenshinigami, qzar_mystik, moahb, and a cast of tens.

Which includes trivialt.

I'm certainly having fun.

Oop. 25 singers. Rick just signed up, and is singing Savage Garden.

It's been a very pleasant evening, from the hetero voyeur point of view. Quite a few cute young things - including this girl named Rachel who's been yarn schmoozing with supersniffles. We just both agreed that while she's quite hot, she isn't quite at princesskiti22 levels. Not that we're comparing, or anything.

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